Our Animals

Horse Program

Older horses deserve a place to live out the rest of their lives comfortably. The Horse Retirement Program at the T.S & K.D Glide Foundation provides a loving and caring home for horses with age-related disabilities or injuries.

Every horse has the option for shelter with access to beautiful open pastures and each horse is treated according to individual need: all horses are vaccinated and dewormed per or on schedule, their teeth are floated when needed, and their feet are trimmed on a regular basis; some horses are shod in the front to keep them as sound as possible. The pasture horses are fed daily and checked for any signs of injury or weight loss.

Abused and neglected horses are also taken in where they are treated and nursed back to health. Horses with special needs are turned out in smaller pastures and brought in and stalled every night. We also accept horses in good health, whose owners can no longer care for them; however, because of the level of attention we afford each horse, there is an extensive waiting list.

Some of Our Animals

Here are photographs of some of the animals living here at the T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation Ranch.

Donkeys Dog Ducks Horses Horse Pig Dog & Goose Duck

Grant Application

If you are interested in filling out a grant application, please visit the Grants page to learn more.